Industrialisation is considered the turning point in the history of human kind with the effects of its rapid development expanding outside the human sphere to animal spices and the planet. On the social level the sequential forms industrialisation has taken (from the first to the third) lead social structures and relations to a constant state of adjustment and re-evaluation; on personal and interpersonal level to spatial, urban and geopolitical.

My work observes and records the operational gaps and clashes of devices as industrial products and concepts as cultural products occurring when a next stage of industrialisation is occurring questioning the human sufficiency on constant readjustment as well as the precarity of such life conditions.

While the speed of technological advancement is a considerably dominant within the conditions of constant development through my work I examine the phenomenology of material versus immaterial as spiritual, intellectual and psychological realities and confront myself and the viewer with the question of ontology and progress.

Some concept relations filtering my ways to see:

Guilds and communal life

Work and Leisure relations

Living and Technical intellect

Transference, Transition and Migration

Dematerialisation of cultural constants and virtual replacements

Physical and Intellectual visibility