30 Sep - 10 Oct 2016 | Lokaal 01, Antwerp/ BE

The works and drafts made during the residency where inspired by an internet sourced picture showing an ancient tomb (Kimon’s Tomb) sited opposite Acropolis in Athens. Likewise the initial picture the rest of the works whether once handmade, now rest in their digital form within the vast internetic space as if in an earth womb. Each of the work developments during the residency, approached from its perspective the current transition of humanity from the physical involvement with ‘making’ and production.

The presentation incorporated works made as reproductions of existing ones in the history of humanity. The intervention was limited in setting new relations between the existing work and the current means of performance or presentation relating it anew with its environment and political or cultural specificity.

The combination of works in display have been organised in a cave-like cyclical arrangement where materials and substances have an exact function related to a ritual, information coming from older and newly discovered prehistorically inhabited caves. Ritual and its cyclical or continuous  repetitive patterns are still to be discovered within the newly produced art works in display in the form of mechanical or digital repetition.

Hands of Hands Off  (Earth)

A hand sprayed mural of hands similar to pre-historic drawings found in Lascaux, Borneo and Santa Cruz, Argentina.

Noneon (Fire)

Neon light draft for a sculptural piece to stand in the middle of an exhibition hall, re-constructing a cave space with the fire in the middle.


An appropriation of classical notes originally composed by Johann Sebastian Bach between 1717- 1723. In this piece air becomes the subject and material of the art work. Entering the body in the form of sound waves, it transforms into electrical signals and through the whistling it turns into sound waves again, exploring the potential of a sculptural work to flow in the total of its hosting space spanning from the biological to the architectural one.