Of Time And – Office Drawings

15 Jun- 14 Sept 2013, Bury Museum and Art Gallery, UK

The exhibition Of Time And took as its base the creative possibilities emerging through technical devices of common environments and especially those forming the diptych Work-Leisure. With an extensive presentation of an up-to-date selection of the Office Drawings, the installation addressed the possibilities of extending and even diverting the typical functions in an office environment.

The drawings have been created in Microsoft Office Word, a programme typical for text composition and presentation design. The range of ‘creative tools’ offered by the popular product became the base for the development of a group of digital files which reflect at the same time a fusion of the cultural qualities of the institutions of Leisure and Work.

Sheer geometric forms and monochromatic surfaces allude to the post WW1-2 revolutionary tendencies in art, that of abstraction and functionalism and their social ambition to use unifying symbols and introduce new qualities in everyday life.

The extracts of text included in the drawings unify memories of typical office orders or life scenes.

The structured presentation of the grid is a visual palindrome bouncing between the two aspects of modern survival modes and the cultural illusion of progress they represent.