En Route, 2019, Installation view from the site specific installation at Lithografeion Theater.

First edition of maps of the city of Patras, found at the space where they were originally printed, the former lithographic plant (now Lithografeion Theatre) and notations of the route connecting the theater (Lithographeion) and the bistro (Trelli Rodia).

Walk #1, Sat. September 28th, 2019, 9 a.m

Walk #2, Tue. October 1st, 2019, 10 a.m

Walk #4, Sat. October 5th, 2019, 9 a.m

En Route

Returning at the home city after 18 years brings forward the attention needed to see what lies behind the walls of the city. The city of Patras in this case.

En Route created the conditions to look into those which thus far earned their value by been taken for granted.

The stillness of the maps gifted the motives to walk through the same streets; the solidity of the walls sharpened the eye to penetrate materiality; the ends of orientation expanded into encompassing.

Lithografeion Theater is a stage situated at the center of the city of Patras in the building of a plant for lithographic prints and offset printing later.

During the last week of September, four walks took place with unknown and arbitrary participants visitors of the Lithografeion Theater. The walks ended at one of the oldest bars in the city named after a poem ‘Trelli Rodia’ and also one of the oldest bars existing in the city.

A number of posters originally produced at the printing plant for various commercial purposes were purchased  years ago by the owner and are permanent part of the wall decor ever since.

Part of the in situ installation at the theater space was a pair of first edition printed maps of the city of Patras (produced and found at the space of the old lithographic plant) original prints of the same presses as the bar posters and lithographic templates.