In my practice I examine the gradual replacement of the physical to the mechanical observing the various forms of repetition forced by the unconscious. Through installations of sculpture, sound, technical voices, video and drawing I present re-appropriations of stereotypes of gender, culture and history in the formation of collective identity, the collision of nature and culture in the post-industrial era and I relate the current to the archaic to unravel the rituals of everyday as the elixirs and antidotes to the existential intensity.

Drawing is of particular significance in my work. Drawings work as patterns or manuals for future spatial metaphors and means to imaginary and realistic vision. With my practice I have elaborated on the mode of Repetition -whether mechanical or physical- with particular interest as much to internal supportive systems (unconscious) representing the private aspect of creation as to its social and political connotations , representing the impact of creation on collective level. Subsequently, my drawing practice develops by both technical and physical means and the materials vary from electronic files to hand crafts. The drawing matter, the materials, unravel each time the narrative of where each series emerges from and how it relates to its surrounding.

This drawing practice has been part of the 2021 Drawing Biennial, (Drawing Room, London, UK), has been nominated twice for the Drawing Room Bursary (2015, 2011) and shortlisted at the New Contemporaries (2010).

Currently my artistic research focusing on labor intensive practices of drawing is candidate for a PhD placement at the Athens School of Fine Arts under the title : ‘The Material Approach of Repetition Αnd Ιts Relation Τo Ideology In The Labour Intensive Drawing. The case of Hanne Darboven, Anni Albers, Sol Lewitt, Agnes Martin and Mpia Davou’

The drawing and installational work has been exhibited in Athens, Museum of Contemporary Art; London, Drawing Room; Milan, PeepHole; Prague, DOX; Eindhoven, Van Abbemuseum Library; Rome, Ex-Bibli; Vienna, Kunstraum Am Schauplatz; Manchester, Castlefield Gallery, Bury Museum, Rochdale Museum-Touchstones; Antwerp, Lokaal 01.

For the year 2021-2022 I have received the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Fellowship.