Internet sourced photograph of Kimon’s Tomb, The German Archaeological Institute at Athens

Hands of Hands off, 2016, Sprayed mural, 2.5x 3.5m approx. presentation shot from Lokaal 01, Antwerp

Square Supreme, 2016, Gif animated picture

Noneon, 2016, scale model for a light structure

Plinth, 2016, Gif animated picture

Unfiltered Air , 2016, Whistle recording, 5′ 41”, Presentation capture from Lokaal 01, Antwerp


30 Sep - 10 Oct 2016 | Lokaal 01, Antwerp/ BE

The works and drafts made during the residency at Lokaal01 in Antwerp, were inspired by the internet sourced picture belonging to the German Archaeological Institute at Athens, showing Kimon’s Tomb sited opposite Acropolis in Athens. Like the initial picture, the works made during the residency evoke ones previously hand crafted yet, now largely made available to the public in their digital reproductions through internet.

Using the scheme of metaphor the vast internetic space assimilates to an earth womb and the artworks’ retrieve to an exhumation. Each of the work developed during the residency, approached perspectives of the technical transitions of physical involvement and transformations of materiality in cultural production.

The presentation incorporated works made as reproductions of existing ones belonging to the wider domain of creativity. The intervention was limited in setting new relations between the existing work and the current means of performance or presentation, relating anew the mediation between the eye and the art object in the current social and cultural terms.

The combination of works in display have been organised in such way in order to evoke the cave-like cyclical arrangement revealed to us through the discoveries of prehistorically inhabited caves where materials and substances bear exact ritualistic roles.  Ritual and its cyclical or continuous  re-occurring patterns have been attributed anew in the produced art works in the form of mechanical or digital repetition focusing on the constantly renewed types of materiality strongly connected with culture and technical means.

While emphasis is given on the cases of works whose content has been related to forms of dematerialisation in art, the cyclical space arrangement attempts to outline a) the void created in the middle of the exhibition hall, b) the void as central formative element in the original form of these works as well as their reproduction and its resonance with reproduction processes.

Hands of Hands Off  (Earth)

A hand sprayed mural of palms similar to pre-historic drawings found in Lascaux, Borneo and Santa Cruz, Argentina.

Noneon (Fire)

Neon light draft for a sculptural piece to stand in the middle of an exhibition hall, re-constructing a cave space with the fire in the middle.


An appropriation of classical notes originally composed by Johann Sebastian Bach between 1717- 1723. In this piece air becomes the subject and initial material of the art work. Entering the body in the form of sound waves, it transforms into electrical signals and through the whistling it turns into sound waves again, exploring the potential of a sculptural work to flow in the total of its hosting space spanning from the biological to the architectural one. The new recording decentralises sublimation overlooking the filtering process and allowing for the noise-material of the second recording to take its role in the final performance while representing the actual interaction of air drafts and echoes with the receptors of the device.