Mater Land, 2016, Variable dimensions, Capsule blender, Earth


Mater Land is a sculptural piece which draws inspiration equally from myth and modernity. While the institution of work has been central to my practice, the observation of repetitive patterns and character re-enactments or (job) roles dictated by the condition of work, appear to resemble sacral rituals of the dawn of humanity with repetition being central.

The dynamics of re-occurrence find form in this sculptural composition named after the goddess Demeter referral to earth, materiality, reproduction and myth, towards commodification and even fetischization of earth, gestural automation, walking the distance between archetypes and stereotypes.

The two sound compositions confront internet in an analogy to an earth womb: a number of texts, sounds, information formed by online contributors, have been traced and retrieved in an excavation-like process, are being re-composed like ceramic or metal relics of classical antiquity and our fragmented evidence of it. The sound compositions serve like sound sculptures, collages or assemblages touching the materiality of internet. The word mater is of particular significance right here, rooted to Greek word miter standing for mother with an analogy to reproduction, substance and renewal.